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A breakdown of how we all spend our wages in infographics form.

Don’t try to deny it. That image knows your spending habits better than you do. It knows mine too. In fact, I’m sure just about anyone can relate. 

Humans are the (self-declared) most intelligence species on Earth. Yet, for something so smart we sure do suck at a lot of things. Sure, we are smart enough to invent currency, but all of that brain power seems to fly out of the window the moment it comes to spending it. So the next time you drop £799.99 on a self-driving lawnmower (despite the fact that you don’t have a garden), just remember – you’re only being human.

That is what Frivolous Spending is all about. We recognise the inevitability that you are going to waste our money on stuff that you don’t really need. But, at least with us you’ll be wasting it on good stuff that you don’t really need.

For real though…

Frivolous Spending is an affiliate website, aggregating the many cool, odd, unique and unusual products that we find for sale across the weird and wonderful World Wide Web. We don’t really have a criteria – it’s just gotta be something… different. To give you an idea, we have featured everything from a gold-plated vacuum cleaner to chocolate buttholes. You’re intrigued, admit it.

Many of the products that we post contain affiliate links, which means that we earn a small commission if you go on to purchase a product from that merchant. By helping us, we can dedicate more of our time and resources to helping you. Also, I’m saving up for a hot tub boat and would appreciate your help.