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You are searching for the perfect gift for that special someone? The worst possible present for that friend that you love to hate? Or are you simply looking to make an utterly useless (yet insanely cool) purchase to get rid of that tenner that’s burning a hole in your pocket? Do you want gift ideas by age, or gift ideas by gender? With an abundance of cool gift and product ideas to browse through, Wantful has got you covered.


Buying stuff can be hard at times. Especially so, given the numerous social norms that we have to follow to fit in. Boys can’t like pink and girls can’t enjoy sport.... Whatever you say, Society. SCREW THE SYSTEM! But for the sake of making Wantful easy to navigate, we’re gonna have to contradict ourselves a little bit by labeling our recommended products by age and gender. Don’t worry, many of the products we feature appear within multiple categories if we feel that they’ll appeal to multiple ages and genders, but if you’re seriously anti-conformist, you could always go ahead and browse everything.

Push back those broad shoulders and scroll bullishly through our awesome selection of gifts, products and stuff for men. Don’t forget to run your fingers through your fine specimen of a beard while you’re browsing. Now that we’ve got the stereotypes out of the way, now is probably a good time to inform you that the ‘stuff for men’ category features a range of new and impressive products that are bound to get your gonads going. Yes, that sounded a lot less weird in my head. Whether you’re a lumberjack kinda guy, the type that cries at E.T. and Marley and Me, or just a complete nerd (It’s the new cool!), we’ve got something that will grab your attention..

Girls, women, ladies, damsels, birds, gyal dem. Whatever you may call them, these products will appeal to the females in your life. Sure, the ‘Stuff for Women’ category contains lots of cute, cuddly and glittery things. Yes, there’s a lot of pink too, but that isn’t stereotyping - that’s evolution and science and stuff. Back in the day, females were attracted to reddish colours in order to enhance their berry-collecting abilities. That may or may not be true, but who cares? You lot like pink. Fact. Although, even if you don’t like pink, we’ve still got your back. There are lots of gnarly alternatives for the tomboys among you, free from glitter and sparkles.

Ah, childhood. We spend the first 18 years of our lives wishing that we were adults and then spend the rest of it wishing you could be young again. Well let me tell you - you can’t. Forget about action figures, water fights and cartoons. You have a dull job, bills and housework to focus your time on now. Professionals and experts will tell you that you shouldn’t use your children to chase your own lost dreams, but we think that it’s okay in this case. Go wild, spoil them and show them just how much you love them by showering them in gifts. Remember to pay the rent first though. Yeah, you’ll tell yourself that the toys you’re buying are for your children, but we both know the truth. Close to 10% of toys purchased by adults are actually for themselves, so this might be ‘Stuff for Kids’, but kidults are welcome too.

They say that you should never give pets as gifts, but nobody has ever said that you shouldn’t give pets gifts. They might not understand what Christmas is or have even the slightest understanding of what or when their birthday is, but I can guarantee that they will appreciate a gift far more than any human ever will. As Brits, the vast majority of us secretly like animals more than we like other human beings. It’s true! In fact, 75% of pet owners already buy gifts for their animal companions at Christmas time and, incredibly, 66% of them spend more on treating their pet than they do on their partner. Okay, okay. Pets isn’t quite an age or gender, but our furry friends deserve a place of their own too and this seemed like the best place. Dog, cat, frog, rat. Whatever your adopted animal child might be, you’ll find the perfect pet gift right here..