Some of us have been waiting 20 years for this day to come, when we could actually follow in the footsteps of the (somehow still teenage) Ash Ketchum as we set off on our journey of becoming the very best.

The Pokémon Go phenomenon has swept across the globe, sucking in players of all ages, who have spent the last week or so wandering the streets in search of that elusive Scyther or another Magikarp in our quest to get that 400 candy Gyarados. Jobs have been quit, dead bodies have been uncovered and, in Nintendo’s case, a whole lot of money has been made. The news, social media and talk of the town is awash with this genius creation and is unlikely to cease any time soon… There’s just one minor problem…

SERVER ISSUES. So many server issues. Luckily for you, we’ve spent our Pokémon Go-less time putting together this list of cute Pokémon products that will enhance your Pocket Monsters addiction:

Bulbasaur Plant PotBulbasaur planter

The perfect decoration to spruce up any Pokémon fan’s garden, this Bulbasaur-shaped ornament is far better than any old plant pot.

Handmade using concrete, this little fella will be holding your plants for years to come. If you’d prefer something a little brighter, coloured versions are available too.

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Pokémon Cupcake WrappersCute Pokémon cupcakes

What’s cuter than a cupcake? A Pikachu cupcake, or a Charmander cupcake, or a Eevee cupcake, or a Squirtle cupcake. Any cupcake with any Pokémon on it. Apart from Drowzee and Weezing, maybe…

Just bend the feet out, curve the wrapper and slot it in place to create the cutest cupcake imaginable.

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Pokéball EarringsCute Pokémon earrings

About the size of a one pence piece, these pinky pastely Pokéball earrings are the perfect accessory for any diehard Pokémon fan.

Handmade using a polymer clay, these earrings will show off your personality without being too showy.

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Charmander EmbryoCute Pokémon

Despite featuring on our ‘Weirdest Items On Etsy’ list back in April, these Pokémon embryos are weirdly cute.

You can pick from a range of your favourite Pocket Monsters, including Eevee, Vaporean, Umbreon, Pikachu or Charmander, and keep your new little buddy suspended in a glass jar. Forever. Okay, maybe it is a liiiiittle weird?

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Pikachu iPhone Casepikachu iphone

Every Pokémon fan dreams of having a companion like Pikachu with us throughout the good times and the bad. The closest thing I can think of is my smartphone, which, like Ash’s furry little friend, never leaves my side.

It’s not quite the same, but this Pikachu iPhone case will take you one step closer to having the actual thing.

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Snorlax Bean BagCute Pokémon snorlax bean bag

Honestly, if I was a Pokémon adventurer, a wild Snorlax blocking my path wouldn’t be a pitfall. I’d curl up next to the big guy and forget about the Elite Four or whatever. Who needs gym badges anyway?

This 3ft bundle of beans allows you to do just that. Made from soft and sturdy valour fabric and tied together using extra thick threat, this Snorlax can take a good beating without stirring.

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Evo Stone Necklacesevo stones

Evolution stones. You know, those things that you need to evolve a handful of Pokémon into a certain link on their evolutionary line? Well it turns out that they make pretty cool necklaces.

These awesome pendants have been handcrafted using a resin, with each symbol suspended inside the cast. This particular set contains a fire stone, a water stone and a thunder stone, used to evolve Eevee into either Flareon, Vaporeon or Jolteon, but there are plenty of other cool variants over at Etsy.

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Customised Pokémon ConversePokemon converse

Converse are timeless. They never go out of style and probably never will. What better way to improve them than to combine then with a children’s cartoon that is equally as timeless?

These stylish sneakers are hand-painted with four characters of your choice using high quality acrylic paint and sealed with a water resistant spray to ensure that your one-of-a-kind design lasts for as long as Pokémon is an in-thing.

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Pikachu Slipperspikachu slippers

What’s better than one Pikachu? Two Pikachus. On your feet. They’re so warm and fluffy that they make the perfect slipper, until you realise that you have your foot inside a mouse.

An unregrettable buy for any true Pokémon super-fan, these official Pokémon slippers are perfect for keeping your feet warm when you’re not out playing Pokémon Go.

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Pokéball Diamond Ringpokemon ring

We’ve saved the best (and also the most expensive) cute Pokémon product till last, but this diamond Pokéball-inspired engagement ring is the perfect way to get the ball rolling on your Pokémon themed wedding.

This impressive piece is crafted from 14 Karat white gold. palladium or platinum and is sprinkled with rubies and diamonds. It’s pricy, but it’s worth its weight in jewels and gems. The goal is to catch them all, but go catch him first.

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