Dad, Daddy, Father, Pops, Papa. Whatever you call yours, fathers do a lot for us over the years. They teach us how to ride a bike or kick a ball, how to shave or do up a tie, as well as plenty of life lessons that will remain with us all the way through life. Yet, we are all letting down our dads!

Statistics show that children in the United Kingdom spend an average of just £10.00 on Father’s Day gifts, just a third of the amount that we spend on our mums on their special day, and it’s just not on.

Part of the problem is that dads are so much harder to find gifts for. While all mums will tell you that they want flowers, chocolates, wine or the latest book about olden day midwives or whatever, asking dad for ideas will likely be answered with a ‘dunno’, ‘nothing’ or ‘anything’.

Don’t worry though, we have the man’s answer to ‘flowers, chocolate or wine’ – BEER, MEAT and DIY! Most dads like them all, but they are guaranteed to like at least one of the three.

To kick us off, we have put together a list of some of the best ways you can show your beer loving dad just how much you appreciate him.

Idea 1: A yeasty side project?

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit: £39.99

Beer making kit article

There’s nothing a dad likes more than being handy.. Repainting the skirting boards. Yep. Fixing the washing machine. Easy. Brewing a cold one. Well duh…

This nifty little kit comes with everything you need to create your own craft beer. With six different brews available, from Bruxelles Blonde to Chocolate Maple Porter, there’s a kit for every beer lover.

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Grow Your Own Beer Garden: £6.50

Grow Your Own Beer kit

Any old dad can brew a beer, but the very best dads grow it first. This pack provides everything needed to grow your own hop plant, the ingredient that gives beer its, well… hoppy flavour.

Each kit comes with 10 hop seeds, one biodegradable pot, dirt and a helpful growing guide… Not that they’ll read the instructions.

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Idea 2: Edible Beer

Spreadable Beer: £9.99

Spreadable Beer

A lot of people hate the hoppy, bitter taste of beer. It’s certainly an acquired taste, but one that dads genuinely like.

Now Dad can enjoy the taste of beer with everything – crackers, toast, or the oh so British crumpet. Apparently it isn’t quite as gross as it sounds either…

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Beer Sweets: £11.95

Beer sweets

Nothing goes better with beer than more beer. Fact. That’s why that ‘one quick beer’ is usually followed by ‘just one more’, ‘one last one’ and so on.

Dad will probably enjoy this 1 kg bag of chewy cola bottle-esque beer-flavoured sweets more than a cold pint of the golden stuff itself.

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Idea 3: The perfect pint glass

Personalised Dad Tankard: £14.95

No Ordinary Dad tankard

He’s grown the hops, brewed the beer and now he needs something special to put it in. Nothing says beer more than a tankard. Better yet, nothing says ‘Dad, you are great and I love you’ more than a personalised tankard.

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Unspillable Pint Glass: £24.99 (set of two)

unspillable Pint glass

‘You shouldn’t have left it on the table’… We’ve all heard it after our clumsy parent spilled a cold one all over our homework, or, god forbid, our brand new £400 mobile phone. I know I’ve been there…

The Mighty Pint Glass uses patented ‘smartgrip’ technology to ensure that the pint stays in the glass until its ready to go in your mouth. No more tipsy accidents.

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Giant Beer Boot: £15.99

giant beer boot

Sure you could buy a fancy pint glass, but one pint is never quite enough… Five pints, on the other hand. No need for frequent trips back and forth from the fridge.

Yes, this Oktoberfest style glass is MASSIVE. So big, in fact, that one happy customer claimed to have fitted his entire infant daughter inside it.

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Idea 4: Beer storage

Cowboy Beer Holster: £14.80

Beer holster

All men dream of being a cowboy, but the only thing cooler than wearing a revolver on your hip is wearing 330 ml of Stella Artois.

Attaches to any old belt, making it the perfect gift for beer loving fathers of all shapes and sizes. It’s also made from genuine water repellent leather, meaning spillages shouldn’t cause too much damage.

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Six-pack Belt: £7.56

Beer belt

Okay, we lied. There’s something even cooler than wearing a bottle of Stella – wearing six bottles of Stella.

Dad always goes on about his killer six-pack which made him the prolific ladies’ man that he was back in the day… Before he met Mum of course. Well, it’s not quite the same thing, but he will technically have a six-pack on his stomach again, right?

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Idea 5: Gifts for a rough morning

Beer Soap: £6.99

Beer soap

Nothing will get Dad feeling fresh again after one too many like a nice, warm shower. Although, the most devoted beer lover never stops – make his every waking moment beer o’clock, even when he’s in the shower.

Created by the folks over at NerdySoap, its almost impossible to tell the difference between this soapy creation and an actual pint.

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The Ladybird Book of the Hangover: £3.49

Ladybird Book of the Hangover

You might be thinking ‘who wants to read books with a hangover?’, but this isn’t your normal, adulty kind of book.

It is for adults, but the language is simplistic and there are lots of nice pictures to look at – the best kind of book for a hangover. Might provide him with a coping technique or two, too.

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Idea 6: The Ultimate Beer-Lover’s Day Out

Brewery Tour & Beer Tasting for Two: £9.99

Beer tour

It might be annoying when Dad won’t tell you what he wants,  but the fact of the matter is that he is just happy to be spending time with his family.

What better way to show him that you love his company than spending the day together doing what he loves most (apart from you, of course)? Beer history, beer production and, most importantly, beer drinking! The perfect gift for any beer fan, and something that you can enjoy too.

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Have you really splashed out to make sure your dad has the best darn Father’s Day ever? Let us know in the comment section below. Alternatively, if beer isn’t his thing, you should check out these other glorious Father’s Day gifts! Everything from edible tools to supercars…

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