Since Fiverr’s inception back in 2010, it has cemented itself as the go-to place for anybody looking for any kind of service on the cheap. 20 detailed product descriptions for $5? Deal. A fancy new logo for my company for $5? I’ll take it. This 600-word article on strange Fiverr listings for $5? You bet I want it.

Fiverr is a fantastic platform for budding businesses and creative freelances alike. If there is anything you need done, chances are you will find somebody that’s willing to do it on Fiverr. And when I say anything, I truly mean anything.

Here are 7 weird Fiverr listings which prove that some people will absolutely anything for a quick buck (or five):

1. For $5 I will pretend to be your girlfriend/boyfriend

Overly Attached Girlfriend

In other words, a virtual escort.. Want your hot (or sometimes not so hot) new partner to text you to impress your mates down the pub, or set themselves as your Facebook lover to get back at your ex? There’s a gig for that. In fact, there are hundreds of gigs for that.

Click here to take your pick of the women, or click here to take your pick of the men!

2. For $5 I will let you punch me as hard as you can right in the stomach

Fiverr punch

You would have to be a little bit sadistic to order this one, but as long as you live in New Jersey, USA, this guy is happy to let you punch him ‘right in the stomach’.

If you are a little bit sadistic, click here to find out more.. We won’t tell.

3. For $5 I will Photoshop you and a partner’s face to see your baby before it’s born

Fiverr Baby Photoshop

Fearing that your partner might not give you the beautiful offspring that you deserve? This gig will dispel all your fears by, quite literally, producing your baby before you produce your baby. Whoever is behind this must have so many sleepless nights.. And not the good kind.

Even if this isn’t the service for you, you should click here just to check out some of the marvellous results.

4. For $5 I will not eat meat for one meal

Fiverr Salad

While this one might sound pretty tame, it sounds like this guy loves meat. A lot. He must really need that $5 and is willing to do anything to get it, even if that means missing out on some much loved meat.

Click here if you want to save a cow, chicken or lamb’s life.

5. For $5 I will draw a baby chicken, roast it and mail it to you

Fiverr Chicken

I’m not really sure what this is, but considering that it has already been ordered a number of times, there is obviously a demand for roasted chicken pictures..

Cluck here to get your very own hand drawn, oven roasted baby chicken picture!

6. For $5 I will scream your name into a bushScreaming into a bush

One of the most bizarre listings I came across, yet there is something oddly satisfying about watching a guy scream at a bush. This seller doesn’t just limit himself to screaming names  into a bush – he will yell literally anything you want into a bush. With a range of different voices to choose from, this is a gig that everyone can enjoy.

Click here to have your name screamed into a bush, or to watch a guy screaming other people’s names into a bush. You won’t be disappointed.

7. For $5 I will sing happy birthday as Tin Foil Man in just a thong

Weird Fiverr listings

The Tin Foil Man takes the crown. This is without a doubt the weirdest thing on Fiverr, if not the weirdest thing on the internet. I feel wrong and dirty just for watching it…

While likely to leave you mentally scarred for life, we know you want to watch the Tin Foil Man in action, so click here. We warned you.

Now you feel wrong and dirty too, right? You should probably speak to somebody about your ordeal, or have some positive energy sent your way by one of Fiverr’s many sellers. Alternatively, you could click here to get over it with some much needed retail therapy!

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