DJ Khaled has changed the lives of so many since he began Snapchatting back in 2015. Followers are treated to daily tidbits from the famed hip-hop producer – everything from what he’s having for breakfast to numerous motivational gym speeches, and each clip is just as hilarious as the last.

There have been plenty of memorable moments, from DJ Khaled getting lost as sea to his many moments with the mysterious teenager Ben, who is always at DJ Khaled’s Miami home (Does anybody know who this teenage boy that DJ Khaled has seemingly kidnapped is?!), and there are bound to be plenty more Snaps of comedic gold to come.

With an approximate audience of 3-4 million per Snapchat, DJ Khaled is owning the game when it comes to the popular social media platform. If you aren’t following DJ Khaled’s Snapchat, go do so right now by following ‘djkhaled305’.

Be warned, you will want to buy all of the DJ Khaled products on this list by the time you finish watching his story…

Major Keys To Success Coloring Book

“The key is to enjoy life, because they don’t want you to enjoy life.” – DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled Colouring Book

You will never be the artist that DJ Khaled is, but you can click here to give it a go.


Jet Ski Day Experience

“They don’t want you to be on a jet ski doing 360s.” – DJ Khaled

Khaled Jet Ski

According to DJ Khaled, all the great ones jet ski. Click here to make yourself a true great.


Major Key Socks

“The key is to have all the keys.” – DJ Khaled
DJ Khaled socks

Make sure the keys to success are with you at all times by clicking here.


 Dove Soap

“The key to more success is a clean heart and a clean face.” – DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled Dove

Chances are you’re already stocked up on soap, but if it isn’t Dove, you’re not doing it right. Click here to get a truly clean face.


Lion Order Statue

“LIIIION, I be confused. Why they be mad? Cos we enjoying ourselves and we got positive energy and we got Rolls Royces.” – DJ Khaled

Where can I buy DJ Khaled's Lion statue?

Lion talk soon come to your own garden. Click here to make it happen.


Badly Drawn Rappers: DJ Khaled Poster

“Let me inspire you.” – DJ Khaled

Badly Drawn Rappers - DJ Khaled

Hang it in your workplace for round the clock motivation. Click here to get inspired.


Ciroc Everything

“Celebrate success right. Ciroc: The only way.” – DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled Ciroc collage

It’s the only way, therefore everything you own should be Ciroc branded. Click here for Ciroc hookah. Click here for Ciroc glasses. Click here for Ciroc candles. Click here for Ciroc everything else.


‘The Keys: They Don’t Want You to Read This Book’ Book

“Ride with me through the journey of more success.” – DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled book

DJ Khaled promised us a book and it is certain to be just as entertaining as his Snapchat story. Click here to pre-order today.


Cocoa Butter

“Cocoa Butter is the key.” – DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled cocoa butter

The cheapest thing on this list and yet the biggest key of them all – nothing says successful like smooth skin. Click here to take the smooth approach.

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