Etsy is an online marketplace which provides a place for users to buy and sell their art and vintage items. With more than 50 million registered users, there is a huge variety of art, collectibles, clothing, jewellery and much, much more to be seen.

Although, while most of it will leave you in awe at its creator’s creativity, you will often come across some truly unusual products that will leave you wondering whether Etsy is really the place for a normal, sane person like yourself.

Here are 10 of the strangest things that you can actually buy on Etsy:

1. Decomposing Kitty

Decomposing kitty

A sculpture depicting the decomposing body of a cat, complete with mushrooms, snails, worms and bugs. Don’t all rush at once!

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2. Doll Arm Earrings

Doll Arm Earring

I’m all for recycling, but why exactly would anybody want to hang an old doll’s arm off of their ears?

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3. Knitted Dissected Rat
Dissected Knitted Rat

Frogs, bats and baby pigs also available. Best of all, they come in an ACTUAL DISSECTION TRAY!

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4. Poo Candle

Poo candle

Nothing like a poo-shaped candle to add some character to your home. Thankfully it isn’t poo scented..

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5. Taxidermy Crab Man

Crab Man

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, I present Crab Man. A hunter scavenger with two legs and crab-like claws. It might not be alive, but it is certainly terrifying.

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6. Pokemon Embryo

Pokemon Embryo

So many reviews describing this as cute and adorable.. Odd and sorta gross is a better description.

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6. Trouser snake boxers

Snake boxers

Really? Do I have to explain..

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7. Dollhouse drugs

Dollhouse drugs

Yeah, you read that right. 50 miniature kilograms of (fake, if that wasn’t already clear) cocaine, so you can play out Barbie’s fall from grace that we all knew was coming.

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8. Justin Bieber wearing a pancake painting

Justin Bieber syrup

We’ve cropped out the bottom (worst) half of the painting, but if you really want to see it, click here. Enough to put you off pancakes for life. Unless you really like the Biebs.

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9. Fetus Soap

Fetus Soap

Soap containing a 2.5 inch fetus. Don’t worry, it’s just ‘art’, sculpted to make us ponder deep philosophical questions about life and stuff while in the shower. I think I’ll stick to thinking about why glue doesn’t stick to the inside of the bottle and whether it’s possible to cry underwater..

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If that wasn’t weird enough for you, there are plenty more unusual products yet to be uncovered over at Etsy. Do some digging of your own and let us know what you find in the comment section below! Alternatively, click here to see more cool products.

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