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Some of us have been waiting 20 years for this day to come, when we could actually follow in the footsteps of the (somehow still teenage) Ash Ketchum as we set off on our journey of becoming the very best.

The Pokémon Go phenomenon has swept across the globe, sucking in players of all ages, who have spent the last week or so wandering the streets in search of that elusive Scyther or another Magikarp in our quest to get that 400 candy Gyarados. Jobs have been quit, dead bodies have been uncovered and, in Nintendo’s case, a whole lot of money has been made. The news, social media and talk of the town is awash with this genius creation and is unlikely to cease any time soon… There’s just one minor problem…

SERVER ISSUES. So many server issues. Luckily for you, we’ve spent our Pokémon Go-less time putting together this list of cute Pokémon products that will enhance your Pocket Monsters addiction:

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We’ve all experienced that frustrating ‘I don’t know’ when questioning somebody on what gift they want for their birthday… It means you actually have to put some time and effort into finding something that they will appreciate.

Thankfully, us here at are on hand to make the process a little simpler! If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for Mum, Dad, sibling, friend,  significant other, Secret Santa, or just about anybody else, the websites listed below are probably the best place  to start:

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Amazon is currently the sixth highest ranked website on the World Wide Web, based on page views, unique visitors and time spent browsing the online store.

Having surpassed Walmart as the most valuable retailer in the United States and operating around the globe, Amazon is somewhat synonymous with the Internet – if you’re online, chances are you’ve bought something from or, at the very least, browsed the famed retail website.

It is unsurprising, then, that trolley-loads of articles have been written about Amazon, from their tax-dodging antics to illegal items and oddities – but ‘Funny Amazon reviews’ have always been my favourite. But, as a Brit, I can’t help but notice that our hysterical reviews often go unmentioned. We’re funny too and we deserve to be noticed!

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Dad, Daddy, Father, Pops, Papa. Whatever you call yours, fathers do a lot for us over the years. They teach us how to ride a bike or kick a ball, how to shave or do up a tie, as well as plenty of life lessons that will remain with us all the way through life. Yet, we are all letting down our dads!

Statistics show that children in the United Kingdom spend an average of just £10.00 on Father’s Day gifts, just a third of the amount that we spend on our mums on their special day, and it’s just not on.

Part of the problem is that dads are so much harder to find gifts for. While all mums will tell you that they want flowers, chocolates, wine or the latest book about olden day midwives or whatever, asking dad for ideas will likely be answered with a ‘dunno’, ‘nothing’ or ‘anything’.

Don’t worry though, we have the man’s answer to ‘flowers, chocolate or wine’ – BEER, MEAT and DIY! Most dads like them all, but they are guaranteed to like at least one of the three.

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DJ Khaled has changed the lives of so many since he began Snapchatting back in 2015. Followers are treated to daily tidbits from the famed hip-hop producer – everything from what he’s having for breakfast to numerous motivational gym speeches, and each clip is just as hilarious as the last.

There have been plenty of memorable moments, from DJ Khaled getting lost as sea to his many moments with the mysterious teenager Ben, who is always at DJ Khaled’s Miami home (Does anybody know who this teenage boy that DJ Khaled has seemingly kidnapped is?!), and there are bound to be plenty more Snaps of comedic gold to come.

With an approximate audience of 3-4 million per Snapchat, DJ Khaled is owning the game when it comes to the popular social media platform. If you aren’t following DJ Khaled’s Snapchat, go do so right now by following ‘djkhaled305’.

Be warned, you will want to buy all of the DJ Khaled products on this list by the time you finish watching his story…

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Etsy is an online marketplace which provides a place for users to buy and sell their art and vintage items. With more than 50 million registered users, there is a huge variety of art, collectibles, clothing, jewellery and much, much more to be seen.

Although, while most of it will leave you in awe at its creator’s creativity, you will often come across some truly unusual products that will leave you wondering whether Etsy is really the place for a normal, sane person like yourself.

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