No major news – we’ve only gone and changed our domain name! As of April 1st 2017, Frivolous Spending will from this day forth be known as

In line with the products that we aggregate, we wanted something sleek, simple and most of all, appealing. We didn’t feel that the old domain offered those things. Too long. Too hard to spell after one drink too many (just when you’re most likely to go online and purchase an inflatable unicorn). So, we began the process of re-branding and eventually arrived at Wantful. Fitting, huh?

Wantful (Adjective)
Full of want or desire.

When you see that chocolate teapot, you know deep down that it’s a waste of money, but you’re so full of want and desire that you buy it anyway. And there you have it. Don’t worry, by re-branding we really just mean changing the URL and logo. We will continue to provide you with the same old oddities and wonders that eCommerce offers. No change there. Although, should you come across the odd error, please let us know via the contact us form.