We’ve all experienced that frustrating ‘I don’t know’ when questioning somebody on what gift they want for their birthday… It means you actually have to put some time and effort into finding something that they will appreciate.

Thankfully, us here at FrivolousSpending.co.uk are on hand to make the process a little simpler! If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for Mum, Dad, sibling, friend,  significant other, Secret Santa, or just about anybody else, the websites listed below are probably the best place  to start:

GizooBluetooth speaker

Gizoo is the ultimate gift shop for all tech-savvy shoppers, offering cool gadgets and gizmos that are bound to make your day a little more fun.

This cool little e-store have scoured the planet for gadgety gifts that you are unlikely to find elsewhere, from energy saving appliances to DIY robot building kits. Sounds costly, right? Wrong! Tech usually comes with a price, but there’s plenty of bits and bobs to pick up that, surprisingly, won’t break the bank!

We recommend: Bluetooth Shower Speaker, £14.95


Uncommon GoodsBaby mermaid

Uncommon Goods source their products from around the world, approaching small-time creatives to ensure that their customers are receiving products that they have never seen before, every time they visit the site.

The products on sale at Uncommon Goods is far from the usual stuff that you would find on many of its competitors’ websites. Yet, due to the company’s focus on good, appealing design, there are lots of great little tidbits that would add plenty of personality to your home, as well as plenty of great stocking fillers for the kids.

We recommend: Baby Mermaid Tail, £24.43



Where do we even begin? Firebox certainly falls into the ‘weird’ category, offering everything from testicles for your bicycle to edible anuses. The tagline ‘shop for the unusual’ describes it perfectly.

While undeniably a little odd, Firebox is the best place to go when you’re completely stuck for gift ideas. Products can be filtered by a range of options, such as recipient relation, personality and occasion, making it easy to find a gift for everybody and anybody, and even if the gift serves absolutely no purpose, it’s still bound to get a laugh out of the recipient.

We recommend: World’s Most Expensive Vacuum Cleaner, £800,000.000


If Firebox isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps Cuckooland might be – a little less shocking and grotesque, much more quirky and cool.

Cuckooland describes itself as a ‘Luxury Lifestyle Emporium showcasing an original collection of unique furniture & homeware’ and they aren’t lying. Everything from playhouse beds to garden igloos – it’s furniture as you’ve never seen it before.

We recommend: Kids’ Caravan Bed, £1,235



EtsyJB article

Etsy is an online marketplace for creatives to sell their creations, with listings for everything from clothing to furniture.

It sounds innocent enough, right? But, there are two sides to this holy grail of one-of-a-kind items. If you’re the sane type, you can get your hands on some really cool, unique art to enhance your home. If not, Etsy has a great range of willy socks to check out…

We recommend: Justin Bieber Nude With Pancake (NSFW!!!), £15.83



RED5 sell a range of boy’s toys that are bound to go down well with the menfolk in your household no matter what age they are.

Many of these ‘gadget shop’ style sites sell the same old tat, but this nifty store has built up great relationships with a number of manufacturers, meaning that they can offer plenty of exclusive products that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Gifts and gadgets galore, this is a great resource for finding them perfect finishing touches for birthdays or Christmas.

We recommend: Remote Control Tarantula, £19.95


Frivolous Spending52 things

We may be a little bit bias, but this one is definitely the best of the lot. In fact, Frivolous Spending is the best website ever created and if you don’t check it out you are missing out. BIG TIME.

Frivolous Spending accumulates all sorts of strange, weird and unusual gifts and places them in one place, saving you the time you would have spent scrolling through a load of different websites to find the perfect gift. Simply filter by age, gender, price, category or occasion and start searching for that perfect present.

We recommend: 52 Things To Do While You Poo, £6.95