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Calm the F Down Tea


The perfect gift for: The one you love to piss off.

What you need to know about Calm the F Down Tea

It is often said that a hot drink can help to cool you down. Calm the F Down Tea does just that.

Who knew that all you needed to overcome stress was a blend of herbal tea, a dash of camomile, a hint of liquorice and a splash of lemon? Combined, they come together to create a mouth-watering blend that will take your mind off of whatever it is that’s winding you up.

Calm the F Down Tea is the perfect way to get your day started the right way or to bring another gruelling day to a close. Alternatively, if coffee is more your cup of tea, buy for your boss and watch the transformation happen.

Each tin makes approximately 50 cups worth. That’s about 20p per moment of absolute tranquility.


Hot tea for a hot head.