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Tweexy: Wearable Nail Polish Holder


It’s incredible that it took humanity this long to make it happen, but Tweexy, a wearable nail polish holder, finally allows you to paint your nails without risk of drips, spills or smudges.

Nail painting was once a disaster waiting to happen, but no more. Tweexy has been specially designed to hold any bottle of nail polish or varnish on the market, with hundreds of bottles tried and tested prior to the product’s release. Simply pop it in and paint away. Likewise, the product has also been carefully crafted to allow you to release fingers of all sizes and shapes without smudging your new nails.

While extremely simple, the Tweexy has any nail-painted disaster covered and is a truly game-changing tool.

Wave goodbye to spills and smudges, but take it off first.