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Personalised Pork Pie


Forget a traditional birthday cake. Pie lovers will appreciate this personalised pork pie soooo much more…

The price may seem a little hefty for something that you are ultimately going to stick in your gob, but weighing in at over 3kg, this colossal mound of meat and pastry will keep your belly full for quite some time. Each pie is hand raised around a wooden dolly, filled with the finest pig meat that Yorkshire has to offer and seasoned using a secret family recipe. I’m no pie connoisseur, but I’ll take that over a Pukka Pie any day.

This pie is truly glorious, but the best part is that it’s customisable. Using up to 25 characters of text, this personalised pork pie is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a ‘Marry Me, Jess’, or ‘I’m sorry for your loss, Felix’.

If it doesn’t have your name on it, is it really yours?


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