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Prosecco Gummy Sweets


A hangover-free alternative to a bottle of bubbly, these prosecco gummy sweets, which are infused with real wine, will keep you going until you get your next fix.

Chewier, tastier and bound to last longer, Greedy Guts. There’s only one downside – these wine infused sweets are alcohol free… Sure, that’s a negative, but thing of all the positives. Not only do you get to skip the post-bottle headache, but it also means that it’s perfectly acceptable to neck a few of these prosecco sweets at any time of the day.  Heck, you can eat the entire lot on your way to work if you want to.

Each jar is filled with 210 grams of delicious sweets, which contain only natural colours and flavours.  Better yet, there are classic and fizzy options available to suit your taste buds.

A hangover-free alternative to a bottle of bubbly.


7cm x 9cm x 7cm