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The Hot Tug – A Sailable Hot Tub


They want a hot tub, you want a boat. It’s a problem that crops up in every relationship every once in a while, and it usually ends with one unhappy party. Although, the problem is no more.. So long as you have a spare £30,000 sitting around.

It may sound like a lot of cash to part with, but what is money when you have a hot tub that doubles up as a seaworthy vessel?

Kept moving by a propeller engine, the 6-man Hot Tug is a hearty ship for any budding sailor. Don’t worry, it’s surprisingly quiet, too. For 30 grand, you deserve some peace and quiet! And warmth too, lots of warmth. Thankfully, the hot tub is also heated by a wood-burning stove – it really does cover all bases.


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